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My First Day At College English Essay

My First Day At College English Essay

My First Day At College:

First day at a new place is usually interesting. The same is true in case of my first day at college. Dreams of the future are always more beautiful and charming than the realities of today. As soon as I appeared in the Matriculation Examination I started thinking of free, independent and interesting life of the college. My elder brother used to tell me that life in a college is more a fun than a serious effort to get education.
A college is a place for making friends and for chalking out programme to go to the picture or to picnics. ‘Whenever the teachers talk of examinations and tests, strikes are organized. This description of the college life was in sharp contrast to the schools life which I had seen for 10 years. So called discipline for the school hard bored me and the attitude of teachers in making us to feel that they know everything upon earth had developed a positive hatred for the school life. That is why I was dreaming of the college life, the life which was not less than a life in a fairy land.
The First day at the college is considered to be an important one. The seniors would make the new comers to indulge in strange actions. So the seniors had worked out their own strategies and we had decided to act together. So as we entered the college we met a few seniors who were approaching us with an air of superiority. They asked us to stop but we paid no attention. They were larger in number so they made us to subdue immediately. Then they asked us to do strange things like singing ridiculous songs and doing monkey pranks.
The sense of self-dignity in me did not allow me to act according to their wishes still they forced me to obey their orders. I felt a little humiliated but took it sportingly. Later on we came across a few more groups of the seniors but we were able to outwit them somehow or other. In fact mentally we were prepared to face the music.
In a short while we went to the lecture room and mistaking it for a school we observed some rules of decorum. As soon as the teacher entered we stood up and greeted him. But we found a strange smile on the face of the teacher and it made us to think that we have not acted properly. The teacher did not teach for some time and indulged in general gossip. It was quite amusing and there was no strain upon our mind.
After some time we moved to another room and we waited there for near about fifteen minutes but no teacher turned up. In fact it was a problem to know to which room were we to move. There was nobody to guide us and we were terribly afraid of asking the seniors. After the second bell somebody told us the classes were over. We were very surprised. We could not understand what was happening.
When I moved out of the room I started thinking that in the colleges perhaps there is no regular teaching work. We also heard some of the seniors saying that their courses have not been finished and they do not know which books were to be studied by them. This made me to think that school life was better where we were forced to work. The college seemed to have lost charm which I have been associating with the college life. The very first day of the college was a disappointing day because I did not believe in wasting time unnecessarily. But except wasting time, I found nothing. Everybody is the master of his own will.
Being a student, I have carried a few books with me but could not make use of them. Most of the seniors had neither pen nor paper with them. No one was talking of studies; they were talking of film heroes and heroines. They seemed to be more interested in fashions than in books. Some of them were smoking out their time in the canteen. 'All this seemed quite odd. All this made me disturbed. I was very confused.

There were only five periods but we were supposed to attend only three periods; in one period the teacher gossiped whereas no teacher turned up during the other two periods. I felt a bit bored. I felt that life at the college is all play and no work but that also not good for a healthy outlook. Thus the first day at the college gave me a complete idea of the life over there. It is meaningless and uninteresting. At this age if person does not work one is bound to suffer throughout. This was lurking i my mind when I took crowded bus home. I came back home tired and hopeless. There was no charm and attraction for me which I was expecting.